New players weighed in with logs to China

Wednesday 25 Mar 2020

Slight increase in log imports in 2019 - Looking back on the 2019 year for China's wood products industry, log imports in 2019 totalled 60.57 million cubic metres valued at US$9.434 billion (CIF), a year on year increase of just 1% in volume but there was a decline in the value of imports by 14%. The average price for imported logs was US$156 (CIF) per cubic metre.

Of total log imports, 2019 softwood log imports rose 9% to 45.26 million cubic metres, accounting for 75% of the national total, 5% up on 2018. The average price for imported softwood logs was US$125 (CIF) per cubic metre, down 10% on levels in 2018.

Log imports from Czech Republic and Germany soar - China’s log imports from the Czech Republic and Germany in 2019 soared to 4.24 million cubic metres and 2.30 million cubic metres respectively. New Zealand was the main log supplier to China in 2019 accounting for 29% of total log imports. Imports from New Zealand totalled 17.74 million cubic metres in 2019, a year on year increase of 2%.

The second ranked supplier of logs was Russia at 7.75 million cubic metres, a year on year decline 28%, accounting for about 12% of the national total, down 6% over 2018.

Average CIF prices for imported logs from New Zealand fell 9% to US$128 per cubic metre and from Russia CIF prices fell 3% to US$120 per cubic metre in 2019.

Source: ITTO TTM Report: 24:5

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