SilviTECH: Automated tree planting catching on

Wednesday 22 Apr 2020

Rooting down; standing tall!

In the beginning of March, we finished planting 77 hectares in Guardo, in the Palencia province of Spain. Between our automated Risutec planting head and rockstar staff in the field, we planted 68,000 trees, 13 different native species, 28 plots and 20 experimental sub-plots. That’s a total of 240,000 trees planted in Spain this fall.

Breaking these numbers down differently: The tally also includes 27 weeks of hard work, numerous field hiccups, 2 visits from the Finnish team to make adjustments to the Risutec and 4 visits from our technology team to finalize the planting!

“We faced extreme heat, bitter cold and snow, extremely dry soil and then huge amounts of rainfall,” said Willemijn Stoffels, Chief Operations Officer for Land Life Company. “Our field staff overcame a plague of moles and even a bee attack!”

But the show must go on, and that it did. As part of our data-driven approach, we pride ourselves on using each lesson to gather information to enhance the efficiency and health of future plantings. This is why we incorporate experimental sub-plots. These experiments include trials with different soil preparations, soil amendments and bio-repellents against herbivores, and they help us gather data on tree survival, growth and vigor.

“This planting was truly a great accomplishment and an extremely valuable learning experience for future work,” said Stoffels.

This year we will go back to Guardo regularly to monitor and maintain, while in compliance with current COVID-19 restrictions. Nonetheless, our mission to reforest degraded land across the planet persists. For more on the numbers of trees we’ve planted so far, watch this:

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Source: Land Life Company

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