FWPA: Forests are for kids ... really!

Wednesday 20 May 2020

Did you know that FWPA runs a program called ForestLearning? It's about leading the way in harnessing technology to teach kids about forestry, through a number of innovative means. Using virtual reality, students are transported to forest and wood processing environments, without leaving the classroom! And by setting up video links with foresters in the field, students get to talk to key industry members, on-site, in real-time. And these are just two examples of many!

The activities of ForestLearning are designed to educate children about the sustainable forestry industry, as they grow up to become tomorrow's leaders, policy makers and consumers ... or even the next generation of foresters!

The program provides forestry and sustainable wood product information, aligning with the Australian curriculum. And with much of its content ideal for online delivery, it's strongly placed to offer more learning opportunities during this current unprecedented time, as demand for at- home options increase.

And the great news is ForestLearning is now on LinkedIn! If you've got school-aged children, have a teacher in your life, or are just keen to learn about how we're engaging the next generation, follow the page and be the first to hear about the latest innovative developments.

See more about ForestLearning here: https://www.linkedin.com/company/forestlearning/

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