Tolaga Bay recovery may take 100 years

Wednesday 8 Jul 2020

Environmental devastation at Tolaga Bay may take a century to recover, says councillor - Forestry waste has again flooded the beaches of Tolaga Bay. A video of a log-covered Tolaga Bay beach had been shared widely on social media last week. A storm hit the district on Queen's Birthday weekend 2018, washing over 40,000 cubic metres of wood onto beaches.

"We had 300 millimetres [of rain] up there over the weekend and a total new amount of wood has come down," local farmer Henry Gaddum said.

Gisborne district councillor Kerry Warsnop said the slash littered beach was the "new normal". She said there was consensus in the community that this was what Tolaga Bay beach would look like for the foreseeable future.

Heavy rainfall was common in the region. The rain, combined with soft sedimentary soil, meant that any slash – or foresty waste – left on the hills that could be washed away ended up in the sea, and was then pushed back onto the beach, she said.

Gisborne District Council director of environmental services and protection, Helen Montgomery, said it took the matter seriously and was investigating reports of slash washed up on the beach at Tolaga Bay.

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Source: Stuff News

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