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Wednesday 16 Sep 2020

So far, in my corner I seem to have dodged the usual onslaught of electioneering collateral. Maybe I am using the wrong media to look for it; one advantage of being a boomer. In any case, when this came across my mousepad I decided to remove the name of the party who produced this "TOP 10" list and reproduce it for your "follow the money" reading pleasure ...keeping in mind this section you're reading is between the real news and a joke:

Top 10 Government Spending Blowouts

1. The Provincial Growth Fund: A Shane Jones special, designed to be a shameless traveling roadshow of bribes, although it didn’t travel far from Northland. The $3 billion fund spent your money on bureaucrats travelling the country and created very few jobs.
2. Callaghan Innovation: Originally the brainchild of Steven Joyce but happily carried on by Labour. This is bureaucratic money-go-round and another example of politicians thinking they know what’s best for business.
3. Film subsidies: These are loved by blue and red Governments. Why should the film industry get a free pass? Our party believes Government should focus on having the best possible tax and regulatory systems to attract business from all sectors.
4. Racing subsidies: Our party is champing at the bit to make sure industries don’t get special treatment just because they have a relationship with a politician.
5. A Billion Trees: A pie in the sky plan that never stood a chance. Shane Jones just loves spending your money on things that create headlines but don’t actually benefit New Zealand.
6. The Green Investment Fund: This is just more corporate welfare, delivered in a shade of green. The fund is designed to pick winners that can’t attract capital on the open market. It’s greenwashing.
7. Green School: Sure, it’s part of the PGF but it deserves a special mention. James Shaw, although ideologically opposed to private schools, spent almost $12 million on a private school. Wasteful spending and hypocrisy don’t get worse than this.
8. Fees Free: Another Labour bribe aimed at tertiary students that hasn’t delivered results. It hasn’t increased access to education and has primarily benefitted those who don’t need assistance.
9. Bungee Jumping: Again, picking winners. The Prime Minister gave $10 million to get her photo taken with a multi-millionaire bungee jump operator.
10. The Parliament Slide: Half a million dollars of taxpayers’ money should never have been spent on playground equipment, especially not on a slide this lame. Trevor Mallard has a lot to be embarrassed about from his time at Parliament, but this has got to be near the top of the list.
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