Wilding pines under assault

Wednesday 14 Oct 2020

Husqvarna Helping Slash The Wilding Pine Problem In Mackenzie - Wilding Pine is a huge problem in the Mackenzie region and owner of Aoraki Tree and Scrub Control, Geoff Webb is on a mission to help eliminate this species of pine.

Wilding Pine, also known as wilding conifers, are an invasive pine species that is rapidly spreading through New Zealand’s high country, threatening our ecosystems and iconic landscapes in its path.

Across New Zealand, wilding pine covers 1.8 million hectares of land and is growing at a rate of 5% year on year. As it grows, it colonises and out-competes for space with our native species. It doesn’t provide food for native birds and insects, and their needles create an acidic layer that discourages regeneration causing native animals to flee the forest areas.

Webb says wilding pine is invading 90,000 hectares each year throughout New Zealand and the key is to act fast, “Husqvarna has proven itself as the tool up to the challenge. It starts and runs every time, and the machines are running all day every day, five days a week” he says.

“We use Husqvarna clearing saws to attack the smaller young seedlings or trees where a saw is not required, enabling the area to be covered very quickly,” Geoff says.

“We also use Husqvarna saws to cut down the wilding pine from the base of the tree and then the stump is marked with a special chemical to ensure no regrowth happens.”

Geoff finds the Husqvarna outdoor power tools the easiest of all products to use and likes the comfort and ergonomics of the saws along with its high quality.

Husqvarna Regional Sales Manager Steve Middleton says they’re pleased to be supporting the local McKenzie region, “Husqvarna are always looking for ways to help improve the native environment. We are proud to be supporting Geoff in his efforts to help eliminate the wilding pines.” says Steve.

Geoff Webb says the backup service he gets from his local Dealer, Paul Dixon from Dixon Machinery is first class and is a contributing factor to why Geoff chose Husqvarna for the job.

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