Vehicle sales for year to end of November

Wednesday 9 Dec 2020

Toyota regained the market leader position for passenger and SUV registrations with 18% market share (1,452 units) followed by Mitsubishi with 12% (927 units) and then Kia with 9% market share (735 units). The top selling passenger and SUV models for the month were the Toyota RAV4 (511 units) followed by the Mitsubishi Outlander (394 units) and the Mitsubishi ASX (369 units).

Commercial vehicle sales – Ford regained the market lead with 28% market share (1,094 units) followed by Toyota with 22% (859 units) and Mitsubishi third with 9% market share (336 units). The Ford Ranger regained the top spot for the month of November as the bestselling commercial model with 26% share (1,006 units) followed by the Toyota Hilux with 17% share (636 units) and the Mitsubishi Triton in third place with 8% market share (300 units).

Smaller vehicles dominated the market in November – The top spot went to the SUV medium vehicles with 20% share followed by SUV Compact also with 20% market share and then the pickup/chassis 4x4 segment with 14% share.

Shift happens: For the first Toyota New Zealand is selling more hybrid cars and SUVs than conventionally powered petrol and diesel cars. Hybrids so far this year account for almost 60 percent of sales across both the Toyota and the Lexus fleet, NZ chief executive Neeraj Lala told BusinessDesk last week. That is up from 27 percent last year and just 8 percent in 2017.

Lala said the increasing availability of hybrid options across the firm’s range is a factor. But he said consumers are also increasingly willing to pay a small premium – typically $1,500 to $2,500 – for the lower-emission option.

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