2021 Technology Events – mark your diaries

Wednesday 16 Dec 2020

After an year not to remember, we have developed our Events Planner for 2021. With lockdown limiting our offering to a series of just 3 webinars, we have more in store for next year. Thanks so much to all of you who supported us and who turned our in record numbers for WoodWorks Conference in October and ForestTECH in November. We think 2021 holds even more potential!

Our planned events will enable you to pencil the dates into your own calendar for next year and industry associations, research organisations and those involved in setting up your own programmes for 2021 to take note of the dates (and ideally look to dovetail in to the tech events timing and location to add value to the industry and those likely to attend).

For those of you who are local industry suppliers, we hope this forward planning will also enable you to schedule your plans to budget and plan to support and attend our relevant conferences. For , everyone we really hope it will enable you to meet with your key customers or distributors in Australia and New Zealand.

Our FIEA and Innovatek conferences being planned for you include:

1. MobileTECH AG 2021
23-24 March 2021, Rotorua, New Zealand
www. www.mobiletech.events + live remote.

2. Forest Industry Safety & Technology Conference
13 April 2021, Rotorua, New Zealand
Note: This is being run in conjunction with the two-day log transport and wood harvesting event, HarvestTECH 2021.

3. HarvestTECH 2021
13-14 April 2021, Rotorua, New Zealand
www.harvesttech.events + live remote.

4. Carbon Forestry 21
15-16 June 2021, Rotorua, New Zealand
www.carbonforestry.events + live remote.

5. WoodTECH 2020
3-4 August 2021, Rotorua, New Zealand
3-4 August 2021, Melbourne, Australia
Note: For the first time, this sawmilling event will be run at the same time in both New Zealand and Australia.
www.woodtech.events + live remote.

6. WoodWorks
21-22 September 2021, Rotorua, New Zealand

7. ForestTECH 2021
16-17 November 2021, Melbourne, Australia
18-19 November 2020, Rotorua, New Zealand

Mark the dates into your 2021 calendar. At this early stage, if you are interested in either presenting or exhibiting, let us know early on and we will consider how we can best work with you for our planned events. Exact dates and venues will depend on how COVID-19 impacts or is contained.

Also attached for your information is a 2021 Innovatek Technology Events Guide which provides you with further information on the schedule of tech events planned for next year.

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