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Wednesday 16 Dec 2020

Johnnie Walker gets into the festive spirit with gift of a million trees - As people around the world prepare to embrace the season of goodwill, Johnnie Walker announces a special gift for the home of Scotch whisky.

The makers of the world's No. 1 Scotch whisky* today announced their vision to plant one million trees across the four corners of Scotland before 2025. The announcement comes as part of an ongoing commitment from Johnnie Walker to reduce its carbon footprint and restore the natural resources it uses when creating its award-winning range of Scotch whiskies.

Julie Bramham, Global Brand Director for Johnnie Walker, said: "Scotland is our homeland. It is where our journey began 200 years ago and it's at the heart of everything that makes our whiskies so special. As we throw open the doors to the next 200 years of our journey, we want to take positive strides forward to nourish and protect the wild Scottish landscapes and pristine natural resources that have shaped our whiskies for generations."

To date, 389,000 of the one million trees have been planted near two of our distilleries in the Scottish Highlands. Over the lifetime of this project, these trees are anticipated to absorb over 69,000 tonnes of C02 - the equivalent of taking 10,500 flights around the world or driving almost half a million times from London to Edinburgh.

... and on that stunning chip of forestry news, 'tis the season to propose a toast to this fine forestry effort with a wee dram of whiskey for yourself!

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