Little trees, big investment

Wednesday 26 May 2021

OFO nursery set to receive $7 million upgrade – (Mt Gambier, South Australia) OneFortyOne has committed to a $7 million dollar investment at its nursery in Glencoe, to increase container capacity, and improve working conditions across the site. The Glencoe Nursery has been in operation since 1982 and supplies over 10 million trees for OneFortyOne and other forest growers in the region.

OneFortyOne Nursery Manager Craig Torney said the upgrade will improve efficiency, capacity, and working conditions for employees and contractors. “It’s an exciting project,” Craig said.

“Plans began over 4 years ago, with the aim to improve the sustainability of the current site and the wellbeing of our workforce. By introducing technology to assist and streamline the process, the upgrade will increase container growing capacity 3-fold with the potential to grow an additional 4 million container seedlings per year.”

“Instead of needing to bend or crouch down to work at ground level, we’ll have a process where trees will be grown in trays at a bench set to a more ergonomic height.”

The upgrade will move almost all winter production under cover and will also include improved facilities such as new amenities and lunchroom. Also part of the upgrade is a new irrigation system which will improve efficiency, use less water, and result in less chemicals required during the establishment stages of new trees.

“The move away from field growing into bench supported containers will improve our working conditions, site safety and sustainability, and ultimately result in a better end product for forest growers and local timber processing customers across the region,” Craig said.

The investment is a sign of OneFortyOne’s confidence in the future of the industry and our commitment to remaining part of our local community. The nursery upgrade is scheduled to begin in July 2021, and is due for completion in 2023.

Source: OneFortyOne Australia

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