Implications of ban for global markets

Wednesday 2 Jun 2021

Russia’s log export ban: Global implications - The proposed ban will have broader repercussions in other regions, including tighter log and lumber markets. In the short term, China will look to source softwood sawlogs elsewhere, driving more competitive log regions such as New Zealand and Western US. Hardwood sawlog markets will also be impacted, as China seeks to increase imports of US hardwoods or eucalyptus.

China will also continue to shift its mix of imports, from logs to lumber, a pattern seen also in Japan and South Korea. This will create an opportunity for lumber producers globally to expand exports to China.

In the longer term, if Russia is successful in growing its wood processing industry and improving the quality and sustainability profile of those products, it will be an increasingly competitive player in global markets.

For more information about the study from Wood Resources International and O’Kelly Acumen, visit the WRI website:

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Source: Glen O’Kelly,

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