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Wednesday 9 Jun 2021

(Newsroom) What to look out for in Climate Commission’s final advice - Newsroom senior political reporter Marc Daalder details some of the key potential changes to keep an eye out for in today's package of advice from the Climate Change Commission.

ANALYSIS: At noon today, the Government will table the final advice from the Climate Change Commission in Parliament.

This will be an updated version of the extensive package of recommendations the commission released on January 31, which called for "transformational and lasting change across society and the economy", suggested caps on the amount of greenhouse gases New Zealand can emit by 2035 and said the Government needed to significantly increase the ambition of its Paris target.

After a two-month consultation period and furore from environmentalists and fossil fuel lobbyists alike, the commission delivered its final advice to Climate Change Minister James Shaw in May.

The degree to which the commission might have bowed to pressure or remained confident in its advice is one of the key things to look out for when the details are revealed at noon.

The big question: Will the commission's budgets stay the same?

UPDATED: Here is the link to Climate Commission advice: work/advice-to-government-topic/inaia-tonu-nei-a-low-emissions-future-for-aotearoa

Source: Newsroom and Climate Commission

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