Call for bipartisan support for climate change plans

Wednesday 16 Jun 2021

The Sustainable Business Council (SBC) and the Climate Leaders Coalition (CLC) welcome last week’s release of the Climate Change Commission’s final advice to Government as a major milestone for New Zealand’s zero carbon future.

Executive Director of the Sustainable Business Council, Mike Burrell, says the Commission’s advice is critical in getting New Zealand on track to achieving our emissions reduction targets. "This report is a milestone. But it is a first step. We look forward to working with government on the development of the Emissions Reduction Plan (ERP) to ensure that the policies are ambitious and informed by the practical perspectives of our members," he says.

Mike Bennetts, Z Energy Chief Executive and Climate Leaders Coalition Convenor, says the steps Government takes in response to this advice will be vital in determining the success of New Zealand’s transition saying, "I’m pleased to see the Commission recommend Government seeks cross-party support on the emissions budgets. The investment choices that businesses make will determine the success of New Zealand’s transition. Bipartisanship on the budgets is essential to provide the certainty we need to make those decisions. There will be opportunities. There will be challenges. But with clear signals and cross-party support, we can do this."

Mr Burrell says he is pleased to see many of SBC and CLC’s recommendations taken up in the Commission’s final advice. "We welcome the increased emphasis on collaboration and partnership with business, and recognition of the need to leverage private sector leadership in the transition. We are also pleased to see the Commission respond to our call for greater transparency on the modelling and assumptions that underpin its advice, as well as clarity on the central role of the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) and the rationale for policies that sit alongside the ETS."

Source: Scoop news

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