Rayonier: A safer, more organised harvest

Wednesday 18 Aug 2021

FORKS, Washington—After more than 40 years of using chainsaws to cut trees on steep slopes, Dave Dilley remembers the first time he watched a winch-assist machine in action. He stood in the forest, unable to take his eyes off a feller buncher as it eased up and down the mountain. Without the winch-assist machine, the buncher—a machine that efficiently cuts down trees and “bunches” them together—would be at risk of toppling, sliding or at least digging deep ruts into the soil.

But the winch, a machine that anchors into place and supports the buncher with a powerful cable, enabled the buncher operator to move across the terrain easily, using a simple device to operate the winch-assist machine from within the cab of the buncher.

“I just saw where it would work here,” says Dave, owner of Dilley & Soloman Logging Company and a lifelong resident of this small town on the Olympic Peninsula in northwest Washington. It wasn’t long before Dave had two winch assist machines of his own.

The Logging System is Safer for Loggers - “The most important thing with this procedure is safety. It’s always our first concern,” says Rayonier Timber Production Forester Dennis Cox, who encouraged Dave to make the change. The logger agrees. “You need less people on the ground, so there’s less danger. That’s the big reason we got into this type of logging,” he says.


Photo credit: Rayonier.com

Source:Rayonier USA

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