Winning An Uphill Battle

Wednesday 1 Sep 2021

Winning An Uphill Battle – Stability & Capability:The John Deere 959ML is a direct result of the continued growth of the steep slope logging market and is available in one of two configurations from the factory - a shovel logger or a directional feller.

Recently introduced by Deere, this new machine leverages the top features from John Deere’s M and MH- Series models, including the levelling control system, to produce a new machine specifically designed for steep slope shovelling and felling applications. In addition, the machine can be ordered ex-factory with Deere’s new directional felling attachment the FL100.

The robust durable design of the FL100 offers the ideal solutions for felling and manoeuvring timber on steep slopes. The FL100 delivers outstanding grapple strength, arm durability, and rotate/tilt power. Unique long-arm geometry and a large-capacity bar saw allow the FL100 to cut and handle everything from small to extra-large timber, ranging from 100mm to 1m.

Exceptional durability combined with simplified routine and periodic maintenance helps increase uptime on both the 959ML and FL100. For more about John Deere forestry equipment, contact your local John Deere Forestry dealer.


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