Profit Grows for Port of Tauranga

Wednesday 1 Sep 2021

Port of Tauranga, New Zealand’s largest port, reported Group Net Profit After Tax of $102.4 million, a 15.4% increase, on 25.7 million tonnes of trade late last week. A 14.3% increase in log exports and a 46.0% increase in Subsidiary and Associate Company earnings were balanced by increased costs and reduced container volumes due to supply chain congestion.

Cargo trends – Total trade increased 3.8% compared with the previous year, growing to 25.7 million tonnes, although container numbers were 4.1% fewer at 1.2 million TEUs. Imports increased 4.0% to 9.4 million tonnes, and exports increased 3.6% to 16.3 million tonnes.

Log export volumes bounced back from the 2020 lockdown, increasing 14.3% to 6.3 million tonnes. Sawn timber and wood panel exports decreased 12.4% in volume.

Dairy product exports decreased 1.9% to just over 2.3 million tonnes, reflecting a later-than-usual season and a reduction in tranship volumes. Kiwifruit exports increased 10.1% in volume. Oil product imports increased 11.6% in volume, and cement imports increased 42.4% in volume, reflecting the strength in the local economy. Fertiliser imports decreased 16.9% in volume, grain volumes decreased 8.9% and protein and stock feed imports decreased 10.4%. Coal imports increased significantly as a result of lower hydro energy production and declining gas production.

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