Forestry: Not for the Faint-hearted

Wednesday 15 Sep 2021

(RNZ) The forestry industry is beset by supply chain issues, port disruptions, oversupply in China, sky-high shipping rates, the Delta disaster …. and that’s before you even look at the difficulties of planting and cutting down the trees.

On top of that the industry gets a bad rap from the rural sector for being a ‘spray and walk away’ business that’s eating up valuable grazing land, for damage done to the landscape, and for contributing to a lack of employment.

So why would anyone invest in a forest? Forestry is not for the faint-hearted – but for the persistent, there are good rewards.

Click on the link below to hear an interview on RNZ's "The Detail" as Sharon Brettkelly talks to the Forest Owners Association; a small forest owner; and a forest manager and consultant who can’t believe some of the bad press the industry gets.

Allan Laurie is a forest manager. “Nobody wrote the rule book on what the net impacts across your business would be in a Covid-infested world,” he says.

“We’re all challenged. But what we experienced with the last lockdown was a resurgence in business which was quite unprecedented. People with climate change awareness are looking at forests as investments. We’re getting an awful lot of inquiries for our business right across the scale from people wanting to plant a couple of hectares of trees to people wanting to plant several hundred hectares.”


Source: RNZ The Detail

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