Champion Freight: Log Exports by the Numbers

Wednesday 15 Sep 2021

Thanks to the team at Champion Freight we can see that up to and including July, monthly log exports set records for 5 of those 7 months. What will be hard to tell is how the next 5 months results fairs compared to history back to 2017 as their graph shows.

In July, log exports to China continued to float on a positive wave, in a big way, mainly with the reporting month being the biggest in history. - This week we've got our monthly update from the team at Champion Freight. For the month ended in July our log exports to China saw shipments soar by 73 percent, compared to July 2020, taking overall log exports up a solid 60 percent from the same month year. Notably, logs to Japan were up 48 percent for the month.

The chart shows total log export values to China to for the year to end of July are up a whooping 45 percent year-on-year contributing to overall log exports lifting by 39 percent across all export markets. Log exports to South Korea were up for the year by 17 percent up while volumes while logs to Japan held steady and logs to India were down 59 percent.

Source: Champion Freight

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