Carbon Match NZU Update

Wednesday 13 Oct 2021


NZUs - NZUs have continued to change hands through the Carbon Match platform round the $64.50 mark so far this week.

Auction Monitor Report (1 September) - The report of the auction monitor has now been released in relation to the most recent auction which took place on 1 September.

As already revealed, 31 of 43 participants were successful in attaining volume and clearing price of $53.85 activated the $50 CCR trigger for the first time this year, with all of the extra 7 million units allocated for this calendar year purchased. This means that the December auction will take place without the shelter of additional volume under the cost containment reserve.

What we now know is that the largest participant purchased 37% of total units sold, followed by 20% purchased by the next largest successful participant. The average volume won per successful participant was 379,032.


Source: Carbon Match Weekly

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