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Wednesday 13 Oct 2021

NZ's Climate Targets "nothing unique to any nation" - Greta Thunberg Can Go To HELL! - As Greta Thunberg turns up the heat on world leaders and New Zealand for inaction on climate change, HELL has sent a personal but public invitation to the environmentalist in her hometown of Stockholm, encouraging her to "go to HELL" the next time she visits New Zealand.

The adshel posters feature HELL's 100 per cent Carbon Neutral Deliveries promise and are in locations around the city. Since opening its doors, HELL has placed sustainability at the forefront of its business and wants to invite Greta to experience first-hand what the Kiwi company is doing to reduce its carbon footprint - and contribute in its own way to global goals of easing pressure on the planet.

In the early days of HELL in the 1990's founder Callum Davies would fill his car to the brim twice weekly with cardboard and glass for recycling, from the first store in Kelburn. In the early 2000s, HELL pushed back on the move by Coca Cola to replace glass bottles with plastic - a stance they like to think helped keep the glass 330ml bottles around for single serves.

More recently, in 2014, HELL worked with Love NZ to get pizza boxes accepted for recycling everywhere in NZ, when previously only some councils accepted them. HELL's newly released Sustainability Plan builds on this strong track record with ambitious goals for the future.

Ben Cumming, HELL CEO, thinks Greta and her own team of 5 million Twitter followers will appreciate the work they're doing to be kinder to the planet.

"Increasingly, we see influential figures on the world stage, rallying communities and urging large corporations and countries to change their ways and be kinder to the environment. Little do they know that down here in New Zealand, HELL is hearing them loud and clear and has been quietly working away on this for a long time," he says.

"As well as our carbon neutral deliveries, which are offset through planting forests in the Pacific, we're rolling out new initiatives cementing our focus on further reducing our carbon footprint and minimising waste. Looking to the future, we want our 75 stores to be even more clean and green. This includes a national electric fleet of delivery vehicles, renewable energy within stores, and sourcing more than 95 per cent of food and materials within Aotearoa.

"Like many other businesses, we know we still have a long way to go on our journey towards a more sustainable world. We hope our story might inspire other businesses to think about their impact on the planet, and we'd love to show Greta what Kiwi businesses are already doing to make the world a better place," says Ben Cumming.

HELL had also tried to secure a large billboard in Stockholm, but they missed the joke, and were turned down for being too 'offensive.

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