Almost finally ... Wooden this be cool?

Wednesday 27 Oct 2021

Who would have thought!!! The plastic card of the future in wood! Yes please!

A Swiss company has developed a wood material that is said to be up to four times harder than in its raw state and which is presented as an environmentally friendly alternative for "plastic cards".

Wood can replace plastic in "plastic cards". In a few years, it may become obvious to say "Wooden card".

Swiss Wood Cards are made of European wood (maple, cherry, oak or spruce) from certified sustainable forestry and have the same properties as a plastic credit card.

A wooden credit card offers a biodegradable and carbon-saving alternative to the global card industry, which has an estimated volume of 37 billion cards annually, says Dr Sascha Peters , founder of Berlin-based Haute innovation and participant as an innovation expert at Subcontractor InnoDex under Elmia Subcontractor November.

Through a patented thermomechanical treatment, the company Swiss Wood Solution has developed several unique materials in wood, including Sonowood for musical instruments, Bijouwood and Sensoveneer, which is an extremely thin and durable veneer.

Source: FWPA

Photo credit: Elmia. By Nils Lindstrand


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