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Wednesday 3 Nov 2021

Martin Jetpack Cleared For Take-off – Aviation buffs, collectors and entrepreneurs have a once in a lifetime opportunity to buy their own Martin Jetpack – Seven prototype Martin Jetpacks are now up for sale – following liquidation of the Martin Jetpack Aircraft Company. There’s also an unmanned drone test aircraft, spare engines, training simulators, every imaginable spare part, the company’s computer servers, branding and technical documentation.

“It really is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own one of these world-renowned aircraft – or better still to buy the lot and take the project through to completion,” says Sam Brown of Skylarc Asset Realisation in Christchurch.

David Ruscoe and Russell Moore of Grant Thornton New Zealand were appointed as liquidators of Martin Aircraft in March 2021 following a wind up of research, development, and operations in 2019 and have appointed Sam’s aptly named company with managing the sale of the remaining assets on their behalf.

Sam is confident people in New Zealand and around the world will be interested. “It’s the ultimate feature for a blokes shed, especially for an aviation enthusiast who wants to own a piece of New Zealand aviation history. What better talking point than a Martin Jetpack?” Sam says.

“It’s not impossible to think of having one as a piece of modern art – it just needs the right home or gallery to display it in. A more ambitious buyer might want to try and get CAA approval to fly the craft – but Sam’s offering no advice on that front. He’s equally reluctant to say how much a potential buyer might have to offer to get their own Martin Jetpack.”

An international tender ends on Friday 5 November. Local buyers have the advantage of being able to look before they buy (by appointment only), but for those who can’t – there’s plenty of video footage and photographs to show what’s on offer.

A huge range of aviation electronics, early Jetpack prototypes, test equipment and other related company assets will also be listed with a $1 reserve on Trade Me from 11 November.

Video footage showing development of the Martin Jetpack can be found here>>

Auction details are here>>

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