Export Log Forecasts Questioned

Wednesday 3 Nov 2021

Export log shortage expected – New Zealand could face a shortage of export logs within the next decade, caused by insufficient planting activity after the 1990s forestry boom, a new report says. However, a forestry executive said while it was coming, the shortage would not be within the next decade.

Investment brokers Forsyth Barr have released an industry report which suggests log exports will peak and then drop by 35% within a decade. The report found the lack of planting activity after the 1990s forestry boom would lead to a shortage of export logs.

Dunedin City Council-owned City Forests chief executive Grant Dodson agreed there would be a shortage but did not believe it would occur in the next 10 years. Wood supply forecasts showed there would be strong harvest activity over the next 10 years and then in the mid-to-late 2030s there would be a drop as the last of the late 1990s planted forestry was harvested.

That meant the shortage would be ‘‘a little way off yet,’’ Mr Dodson said.


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