User feedback is key says John Deere

Wednesday 1 Dec 2021

"John Deere introduced its Series-II Excavator offering to the Australian market over 12 months ago and customers enjoy the power and performance.” Kel Davison, Director for Marketing and Sales, Construction and Forestry Equipment said. The lineup included eight models ready to perform in Australian and New Zealand conditions and to deliver the quality and performance John Deere customers expect.

Through John Deere Customer Advocate Groups (CAGs), engineers and developers engage closely with customers, and respond to their feedback, at key points in the design of John Deere machines so that features and specifications deliver exactly what is needed.

Customers also help evaluate John Deere designs by putting equipment through their paces in a series of in-dirt evaluations. By understanding real-world application, our engineers have the information and insights they need to create a differential edge on John Deere products, and this critical input is the driver behind every comfort, function, and performance feature we produce.

John Deere Senior Vice President Engineering, Manufacturing and Supply Management for the John Deere Construction and Forestry Division, Brian Rauch, said this customer-focused design approach is prioritised and implemented globally, across all products.

“We study customers in our intended markets, apply their feedback to our designs, and define extensive product verification duty cycles based on the requirements they share with us. All Deere engineers, regardless of product responsibility or location of design centre, utilise the same approach, collaborating extensively to ensure we are delivering products worthy of the Deere name.” Mr Rauch said.

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