Champion Freight: Log exports by the numbers

Wednesday 15 Dec 2021

This week we've got our monthly update from the team at Champion Freight. For the month ended October our log export efforts to China saw shipments lift by 10 percent, compared to October 2020, taking overall log exports up a up just a meagre 1 percent from the same month year. Looking to other export destinations, logs exports to India went to zero, while shipments to Japan were oddly up 23 percent on the same month last year.

Looking to the annual statistics, our chart shows total log export values to China to for the year to end of October are up a whooping 41 percent year-on-year contributing to overall log exports lifting by 33 percent across all export markets. Log exports to South Korea were up for the year by 14 percent while India took 64 percent less over the past year. Thanks to the Champion Freight team for their graphic update across log export markets.

Source: Champion Freight

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