GFP: Hume Forests for sale

Wednesday 1 Jun 2022

Global Forest Partners LP to commence sale process for Hume Forests Limited - Global Forest Partners LP (GFP) has appointed Resolute Advisory to advise on the divestment of Hume Forests Limited (Hume), a high-quality softwood plantation estate, currently owned by a GFP- managed investment fund.

Hume is located in the Oberon and Murray Valley regions of central and southern New South Wales. These regions are widely recognised as integral to Australia’s plantation base due to their scale, good growing conditions and well-developed infrastructure. The estate is planted with radiata pine and comprises a freehold land area of about 19,000 ha with a total productive area of approximately 14,000 ha.

The business has a strong domestic focus, predominantly supplying well-established nearby processing facilities which are key suppliers to Australia’s major east coast population centres including Sydney and Melbourne.

Hume has been intensively managed by GFP since 2004.

The second rotation estate is expected to build on its track record of delivering high quality product to the market to produce steady returns from ongoing thinning yields and forest growth in the short term, and strong sawlog clearfell yields and growing cashflows as the estate matures.

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