Carbon Footprint Study: PolyCom Stabilising Aid vs Re-sheeting.

Wednesday 1 Jun 2022

(EarthCo Projects)Carbon Footprint Study, PolyCom Stabilising Aid vs Re- sheeting: A Carbon Footprint Study Polycom Stabilising Aid vs Re-Sheeting - The effect of climate change is creating new risks and new opportunities for local governments and markets. Local governments and road makers are responding and investigating on-going management of carbon emissions, water use and local environmental damage. Unsealed road maintenance contributes heavily to this list.

Earthco Projects Pty Ltd has a new approach to the maintenance of unsealed roads that gives local governments and other road makers significant opportunities to reduce their carbon liabilities and environmental impacts and the potential to reduce project costs.

• No intervention or maintenance was required for that road for one year
• A water saving of 80 % was achieved over this period
• CO2 emissions were reduced by 90%
‣ Traditional Method produces 7,217 kg of CO2-e per km
‣ Polycom Stabilising Aid method produces 834 kg of CO2-e per km

Article produced by: Factor Ten eco-innovation by Stephanie Camarena.

Source: TPMS

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