Future Foresters seek new members

Wednesday 30 Mar 2022

(Australia) The Future Foresters Initiative (FFI) is a committee of Forestry Australia comprising eight students, researchers and early career forestry professionals who are passionate about forests, forestry and leadership in the sector. We are currently looking for new committee members to help us achieve our objectives for 2022 and to define new goals for the future of our vibrant committee.

What are we looking for? The FFI committee is planning to meet in person in May 2022 for a planning day where we will set our objectives for the year ahead—we want you to be part of this! We conduct monthly video conference meetings to discuss progress on our objectives and other relevant matters and opportunities. If you are an early career forester or forestry student and would like to help pave the way for the next generation of foresters in Australia, the FFI committee is the perfect opportunity for you.

How to apply Please send a 200 word expression of interest which details why you want to join the committee and an up to date CV to futureforesters@gmail.com by Friday 8 April 2022.

About the FFI The FFI was established as a platform for young and emerging forest scientists, professionals, managers and growers to connect with each other and the broader Australian forestry community. FFI committee members have regular conference calls to discuss how Forestry Australia and the forest sector as a whole are addressing issues of importance to emerging foresters.

In particular, the FFI aims to support professional development by facilitating access to networking, mentoring and career development events. Additionally, a key role of the FFI is to engage broadly with Forestry Australia’s staff, board and volunteers, advising them on issues that are critical to the future of forestry and providing guidance on the direction of Forestry Australia strategies and activities.

The FFI is committed to representing the communities in which we live and work. Diversity of thought, experience and background is acknowledged and celebrated and we welcome and encourage applications from everyone across our community.

If you require further information, please contact us at futureforesters@gmail.com and visit our website for more information click here >>

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