Champion Freight Log Export Market Update

Wednesday 30 Mar 2022

This week we've got our monthly update from the team at Champion Freight. With statistics for log export reporting just in for the February month, the slowdown we've seen in log exports to China has continued through this month. Exports for the month were well down on the same month in 2021.

For the month ended February our log exports to China saw shipments dropped by 15 percent, compared to Feb 2021, dragging overall log exports down 12 percent. Notably, logs to South Korea were up 64 percent for the month.

Year-on-year the chart shows total log export values to China to the end of February were up 27 percent contributing to overall log exports being buoyed by 20 percent across all export markets. Log exports to South Korea were up for the year by 14 percent up while volumes while logs to Japan were up 10 percent and to India were down 75 percent.

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