ForestTECH: Call for Speakers

Wednesday 6 Apr 2022

In November it will have been three long years since the ForestTECH community will have met in person in Australia. For New Zealand, it's been two years.

We're all looking forward to networking and learning together in person again -which has worked so well for this part of the industry for over 15 years, across New Zealand and Australia. As it well overdue, we look forward to getting everyone to meet up again, and to meet key technology and equipment providers, face to face. Travel, border and meeting restrictions in March are easing so we anticipated by November can do just that, in both countries.

Our plan is to keep the same two themes: (a) remote sensing, data capture and forest inventory and,
(b)tree crop management, automated silviculture (including mechanised planting) and forest establishment used in 2020 and early 2022 for the next tech update, ForestTECH 2022.

So we're pleased to announce our ForestTECH 2022 event is now planned to be run in Rotorua, New Zealand on 15-16 November 2022 and again in Melbourne, Australia on 22-23 November 2022. Early details can be found on the event website,

Call for speakers:
Once again, we're looking for people to share their latest case studies and learnings on developments around remote sensing, data capture, forest inventory, tree establishment, automated silviculture and mechanised planting will form the basis of the technology update – research and trial results, new and developing technologies and key lessons from industry on the integration of this technology into forest operations.

If you are interested to be considered to present at our ForestTECH 2022 event in November (New Zealand, Australia or internationally), please contact Brent Apthorp, FIEA Director, by Wednesday 20 April. Please include details of your suggested content.

Source: Friday Offcuts - 2 April 2022

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