Almost finally ... Who's the Auld Mug now?

Wednesday 6 Apr 2022

OPINION: “Land ahoy,” bellows Lord Admiral Grant Dalton from high on his poop deck. “Raise the flag, First Mate Peter. No, not that frayed old Kiwi ensign, hoist that big green baby with the big fat $ sign.”

It is not hard to picture Dalton as a real-life Captain Jack Sparrow, sailing international waters looking to nail his tattered banner to the highest bidder’s mast. It is a wonder he wasn't hopping on a peg leg, adjusting an eye-patch and shouting “shiver me timbers” as he dropped his big April Fool's Day joke two days early: Team New Zealand will defend the America's Cup in Barcelona, not Auckland.

How it must stick in Kiwi craws to see shots of Dalton giving smug, if not secret, handshakes to Catalonian bigwigs, bright light glinting off the Auld Mug – and a 171-year-old trophy languishing on the foredeck. The America's Cup team may have saltwater in their veins but ‘’Team Dalton’’ today seem to be basically in it for the dough – and they have had truckloads from the public purse. Grant by name, grant by nature – the old mugs here are Kiwi taxpayers.

The New Zealand Government sank $136 million into the last America's Cup campaign here and the Auckland council coughed up $113 million in infrastructure spend.

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(BusinessDesk) More thoughts on April Fool’s Day – In any event, since 1863 it’s been recognised that it’s never a good idea to make a genuine news announcement on the 1st of April. This explains why Team New Zealand announced earlier in the week that Barcelona will be the host city for the next edition of the Americas Cup in 2024. Had that decision been announced today it would have been lauded as a brilliant April Fools’ hoax, based on the hilarious assumption that Barcelona is capable of building the infrastructure necessary to host the America's Cup between now and September 2024. Barcelona is, after all, the city that still hasn’t finished a cathedral they started building in 1882.

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