Wood Markets: Bioenergy demand heats up

Wednesday 20 Apr 2022

Wood Energy New Zealand Partnership formed as bioenergy market heats up - The creation of Wood Energy New Zealand, a strategic partnership between Pioneer Energy and Niagara Sawmilling Company, reflects the growth in the use of bioenergy to replace fossil fuels currently occurring, and how business are growing to respond to the demand for wood fuels.

Pioneer Energy and Niagara Sawmilling Company are both well established accredited wood fuel suppliers and the partnership will combine their existing strengths, and assist them meet larger wood fuel supply contracts.

Brian Cox, Executive Officer of the Bioenergy Association said that “Currently around 10% of New Zealand’s consumer energy comes from biomass residues and it is expected that this will triple over the next few years as Government policies to transition from use of fossil fuels for process heat are implemented. While the existing supply of biomass for energy is sound the increased demand for biomass is incentivising companies like Pioneer Energy and Niagara to expand their business.”

Mr Cox says, “There is enough biomass residues available from plantation and farm forestry but experienced companies like Pioneer Energy and Niagara are needed to get biomass, which is often left on the ground and wasted, collected and delivered to customers.”

He adds, “These larger experienced wood fuel suppliers will have the capability to supply wood fuel to the large food processors and hospitals who are in the transition phase and need the confidence that suppliers have the capability to supply the fuel they need.”

Source: Bioenergy NZ
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