FEA update: China softwood log inventories

Wednesday 18 May 2022

China’s Softwood Log Inventories at Ocean Ports -- FEA industry sources in China report that softwood log inventories at the country’s main ocean ports totalled 5.7 million m3 on April 30, 2022, a decrease of 2% (-92,000 m3) from the previous month, as follows:

• Radiata pine log inventory volumes from New Zealand and South America amounted to 3.43 million m3, up 5% from a month earlier and comprising 60% of overall log inventories (versus 57% in March).

• North American Douglas-fir and hemlock log volumes totalled 797,000 m3, a decline of 0.5% from the previous month and accounting for 14% of overall log inventories.

• European spruce log totalled 1.05 million m3, down 15% from a month earlier and comprising 18% of log inventories.

• Softwood log inventories from other countries (including Japanese Sugi, European red pine logs, etc) amounted to 419,000 m3 (-14%).

Average daily sales at ocean ports were estimated at 49,000 m3 for the month (the worst April average daily sales since 2017), versus 110,875 m3 in April 2021. There were several reasons for this. First, the lockdown of Shanghai (starting at the end of March) has dramatically impacted the production and distribution of the timber in neighboring regions, especially Taicang. Second, the lockdowns in dozens of cities have dampened the real estate market recovery and weakened the impact of government easing measures.

For more information on FEA’s China Bulletin where this data is reported monthly, please visit https://getfea.com/publication/china-bulletin or contact Dave Battaglia at dbattaglia@getfea.com

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