AU/NZ Softwood log export price index update

Wednesday 25 May 2022

(Industry Edge) In March The Australian and New Zealand regional Softwood Log Price Index lifted 14.4% in March, despite deteriorating prices for Australian exports.

The combined weighted index, based in US dollars, rose entirely due to a 16.1% lift in New Zealand’s export price according to the IndustryEdge Softwood Log Export Price Index. The index – part of the Wood Market Edge online service – shows Australian weighted average export prices fell 11.8% in March, but on much lighter volumes than exported from New Zealand.

As the chart from Wood Market Edge online shows, the weighted average price is headed back toward record territory, amidst supply chain disruptions and shortly after having come off its all-time highs in mid 2021.

More than 90% of softwood log exports from the Australian and New Zealand cohort are from New Zealand. The vast majority of that supply is shipped to mainland China, the main driver of softwood log prices. Subscribers can download the detailed log export data, available at a port-to-port level, to gain deeper insights into the nature of the trades.

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Source: Industry Edge

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