Ponsse develops machine with Klabin

Wednesday 22 Jun 2022

Ponsse develop full-tree harvester with Klabin - Klabin, the largest producer and exporter of paper packaging and packaging paper in Brazil, in partnership with Ponsse, the Finnish manufacturer of forest harvesting equipment, developed a pioneering forestry machine named Harbunk. With technology to fulfill all stages of wood harvesting of the whole tree system (Full Tree), the novelty of the market also increases productivity and lowers the costs of this operation, especially in small areas.

Until then, Klabin carried out forest harvesting in small areas, only by ctl (cut-to-length) system, a format that guarantees operational efficiency in larger areas and requires the use of two machines (Harvester and Forwarder), each responsible for a phase of operation. This process increases the investment of companies and small rural producers, and consequently increases CO2 emissions.

By having a differentiated design, Harbunk optimizes the process, since this single machine can perform the extraction and processing of wood, considerably reducing the costs of the operation, while offering a more efficient and sustainable harvest. One of the main gains is the reduction of lost time with the transport of machines. As it is just a machine, it stays longer in each forest than the cut-to-length or full tree set, reducing the travel time between the harvesting areas and consequently increasing the machine's availability for operation.

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