Almost finally ... A final word from the Editor

Wednesday 22 Jun 2022

As we bring this era of our WoodWorks good news service to a close, I would like to thank the many people who have stepped up to help us bring you the stories, technologies, innovations, people on the move news and the wood market updates that underpin so many of our livelihoods.

Thanks very much to all of you - there are too many to name. Your contributions have been greatly appreciated as our small Innovatek team has grown and developed this news service over 22 years to serve over 3000 subscribers almost every week through the working year.

Looking back to 2009 shows where we've come in the past 13 years - The image below was a political cartoon we created to describe how we saw our industry back in 2009 - an industry pulling in different directions, with the dairy industry depicted in the background as large and unidirectional. Fast forward to today and we can safely say this four- headed waka no longer applies.

Growing public recognition of wood's carbon sequestration value has seen our importance to "NZ Inc" become much clearer; not perfect by any measure, but a long way from the days with a lack of any seriously coordinated efforts. From regional wood councils almost everywhere to the Forest Owners Association working alongside the Farm Forestry Association, we are a much tighter group when it comes to what we mean as an industry and how we can continue to grow in value and social licence in the future by working together and with Government.

So, what's next then? is coming soon! Since 2016 we have been busy building a following for news in the growing mass timber industry for commercial construction. The local uptake of engineered wood technologies of laminated veneer lumber (LVL) and cross laminated timber (CLT) now provides the best carbon sequestration solutions that commercial and multi-residential developers can choose to house people at work, at home and in natural wood surroundings. Watch this space by subscribing at WoodWORKS News . You have my word that we'll "Be Constructive"

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