What is it?

WoodWeek is a leading weekly electronic newsletter that goes out to New Zealand and Australian forestry contractors, forest managers and forest owners.

Every week WoodWeek provides a timely, stimulating and succinct summary of stories, local and international, on key issues and technical developments that are important to our readers. Key and practical issues impacting on your day-to-day operations are brought to you weekly. The weekly updates on employment opportunities, tenders and equipment for sale have become an integral part of the weekly industry update. WoodWeek is now the "first choice for forestry news".

WoodWeek complements our other long-standing forestry and forest products e-newsletter, Friday Offcuts, which has become the principal weekly e-communication between Australasian forestry and wood products companies.

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Who reads it?

WoodWeek is read by a very large proportion of harvesting and silvicultural contractors, forest managers and owners as well as key product and service suppliers to the forestry industry. No paid subscription is needed for you to receive WoodWeek each Wednesday.
It's free. It is the principal means of communication with this part of the forestry sector.

Who produces it?

WoodWeek is produced by Innovatek Ltd, an innovative technology and events management company that specialises in the forestry and wood products industry in New Zealand and Australia.

In addition to managing a number of leading industry associations the company develops, manages and runs a wide range of independent technology transfer programmes. These are designed to improve the operating efficiencies, international competitiveness and profitability of New Zealand and Australian forest products companies.

We welcome comments and contributions to WoodWeek. For details on advertising for positions within the forest products industry or for products and services within the weekly newsletter, please contact us.

Further details on Innovatek Ltd and its range of services and activities can be found on www.innovatek.co.nz

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