Brand Partnership Opportunities

Want to get in front of the industry's key decision makers every Wednesday?

A limited number of partnership opportunities are available to key product and service suppliers to Australasia's forestry industry. We're now inviting companies and organisations who are wanting added exposure as part of their branding to partner us through regular weekly promotions in WoodWeek.

What is it?

WoodWeek ( It's Australasia's most targeted, most effective and most widely read weekly e-newsletter for forestry companies and contractors. It covers breaking news, stories of direct relevance to local businesses, technology updates, jobs and classifieds. It's subscribed to and read by people from all of the major Australasian forestry contracting businesses, forest managers, forest owners, safety and training specialists and wood transport operations.

Readership. Why is it so well targeted?

Comparing readership or subscriber numbers for print or digital magazines and newsletters is sometimes confusing. Through our day-to-day involvement and contact with our subscribers through regular technology events and contact with global and local innovators, WoodWeek is able to achieve outstanding coverage of the local industry.

We cover ALL major industry players

WoodWeek is written, compiled and produced every Wednesday, 48 weeks of the year, by Innovatek (

Our Innovatek team also runs technology conferences, workshops, seminars, exhibitions and tradeshows for Australasia's forestry and wood products industries. We've been doing this for close on 20 years through the events management arm of the company, the Forest Industry Engineering Association (

Well over 500 events have been run since 1998. Not only is WoodWeek aimed at key decision makers within the industry, one of its major strengths is that it's also widely read by forestry contractors, and those working within the forestry and wood transport industries.

If they work within these industries, we're sure they'll be reading WoodWeek. If you don't believe us - please talk to your contacts directly to check on who's following us every week.

Technology and innovation focus

Through our linkage to FIEA events, WoodWeek also holds a unique position in Australasia's forestry media. It has a very strong network of technology providers and innovation and safety leaders drawn from around the world. It's able through these linkages to report directly on new innovations and operating practices that can change the shape of the local industry.

Contact Us

If you are interested in securing a WoodWeek Brand Partnership or would like further information on this opportunity being offered, please contact:

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